How to get over 10k views with less than 5k followers.

How to get over 10k views with less than 5k followers.

The truth is every account has to start somewhere!

One of the main secrets to growing smaller accounts is YOUR CONTENT! Creating “VIRAL” content helps get more brand exposure for smaller accounts and can help convert those views into followers!

➡️ Keep it vague: Viral content is content that a WIDE group of people can relate to. Most viral content is vague enough that it can resonate with users beyond your target audience.

➡️ Scroll stopping hooks: Use trending keywords, pain points and popular topics. Grab the users attention in the first 3 seconds of your video.

➡️ High video quality: Low quality videos are actually de prioritised on the algorithm. Avoid posting reels that are low resolution, blurry or are visibly recycled from another app.

➡️ High engagement level: Yes, this may seem basic, but the most viral content has something different on the screen at least every 3 seconds. All yourself as a user, how long would you even watch it if I was scrolling?

➡️ Consistency/Spending time in the app: Instagram rewards users for spending time using the app. The main goal is to keep users on the app longer. Stick to a consistent posting schedule of about 3 to 4 times per week minimum to get the algorithm on your side.

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