Here are 3 social media trends we are seeing on Instagram.

3 Social Media trends we are seeing on Instagram.

Here are 3 social media trends we are seeing on Instagram.

1. The RISE OF CAROUSEL POSTS! This goes for both IG and Tik Tok! Carousel posts are performing extremely well on both algorithms right now. It’s important that your carousel posts have 1 of 2 things. VALUE OR HIGH REPOST POTENTIAL!

Carousel posts are on the rise. Over the last couple of months carousel posts are performing extremely well for engagement.

This last month, carousel posts were some of our highest engaged posts compared to reels that have thousands of views. It is important to make sure your carousels have 1 of 2 things – they should either provide value on each slide OR it is reportable content.


2. FACELESS REELS! Reels are becoming simpler and simpler all you need is some B ROLL and captivating text! Reels are becoming more about the text and less about the clip for a lot of brands! Faceless reels have been great for accounts that are looking to provide education to their audience!

As controversial as faceless reels are they have been popping off.

If you have a strong hook and aesthetic, the text on the reel will be the reason for success on these short high performing reels.

These are amazing paired with a trending audio.


3. This may seem like a given but reels that start with POV. Almost every viral trend is something RELATABLE. These have been popular for awhile on tik tok but they are now taking over IG as well.

Creating reels with “Viral Potential” is key for growing your page. The best kind go viral content is content that is vague and relatable to a big group of users.

Think of “POV” text that would relate to your target audience.


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