How to grow on Instragram

Trying to grow on Instagram? Try these tips!

If you are trying to GROW ON INSTAGRAM, try this! 👇🏼👇🏼

CONSISTENT POSTING SCHEDULE! The goal of Instagram is to keep you using the app! Post 4-5 times a week minimum to keep the algorithm on your side!

PROVIDE VALUABLE CONTENT! Your content needs to make a user stop scrolling. Remember people are selfish. They won’t care about your post unless they have something to gain from it. Either educate, inspire, or entertain them!

DAILY ENGAGEMENT! Grown your community and interact/ connect with new users every single day! You can do this by liking, commenting, and following other creators in your niche!

VIDEO CONTENT IS KEY! Get on top of the trends and use videos to reach more people! It’s the ONLY way to grow right now!

STORIES! Stories are a great tool to start conversations and boost your account engagement to create real relationships online!

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Viral Reel Tips: Here are some easy & simple hacks that can make a HUGE difference when sharing video content


#1 Use trending audios!

This one may seem simple, but there is a reason people say to get on trends early. You want to use trending audios ideally when they have 15k uses or less!

#2 A strong hook!

What would make a user stop scrolling?! You want to use “YOU” statements or say something that breaks up the saturation of your audience’s feed. You have to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and ask yourself what would make me stop and watch this video?? 🤔

#3 Add text on the screen!

60% of users scroll with no sound! If you can always add some kind of titles or text to your reels to increase engagement!

#4 Warm up your account!

Instagram’s main goal is to keep users on the app longer. If you interact and engage with your followers before posting it helps boost your post. You can’t just post and ghost. It is best to always spend time on the app before and after posting.